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I was initiated in a musical garden case study class at the young age of five. The musical garden was an experimental project by the National Conservatory of Music in (Dominican. Republic), after a music pedagogy professor who was trying to link a connection between early childhood and music. After Two years, I formerly started to study Piano and four years after I was transferred to the Conservatory of Music where I finished with the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree.

Christian Music is my passion. I’m privileged to give back to God the gifts and talents he placed in my life. Christian music never goes out of style and so is God. My musical career has been always in the Christian side. I have directed several choirs, mixed vocal groups, quartets, and I'm a soloist as well. I love to write music and as a result, many of my songs has been recorded by several Spanish Christian singers. Whether I’m singing or playing I try to maintain a sense of sacredness devotion and humbleness for God. He deserves the best of my music ministry.

To God be the Glory for great things He has done.

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