Which Keyboard is the best for recordings?

When I start to create tracks for Christian singers in the 90's, I remember my first keyboard: Yamaha PSR-500. It sounded good when it was amplified but in the recording studio where more quality was needed, it fell short. 

I have owned Ensoniq, Roland, Korg Triton, Korg Krome, Yamaha Motif and for me one of the best keyboards on the market, the Yamaha Montage. 

Incredibly I sold all those keyboards including the Yamaha Montage 8. Why? 

I have found instruments software with the same or better quality than any of those keyboards I have owned. 

In the 90s when I started recording in the studio the sounds of all these keyboards were more professional than those of an instrument’s software, but now things have changed. You only need a good midi controller and a good music library and there, you could have save hundreds of dollars. 

It all depends on how you are going to use the keyboard for: Live music or in the recording studio, of course your budget, plays an important role. As technology evolves and instrument software gets even better, I not longer see the need to expend thousands of dollars owning several physical brand name keyboards, at least for me.

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