The making of a Soundtrack

To make a soundtrack, a transcription may be needed, a pianist, a guitar player, a bass player, a drummer, brass player (optional), violinist for the strings (optional) and a recording studio that will charge per hour with a sound engineer included.

A musical arrangement needs to be done for the different parts that each musician is going to play (That is why a Transcription is useful), then each musician records his/her part, and after they finish the recording session, the song needs to be mixed.

Our Prices / Nuestros Precios


Instrument (s)


Soundtracks (Pistas Musicales)

Piano Only (1-5 Min)

Start at $100


(3 Instruments) (1-5 Min)

Start at $300

A Fully Orchestrated Soundtrack

(Pista Orquestada mas de 6 instrumentos, efectos especiales (1-5 Min)

Over 6 instruments, pads, special effects

(1-5 Min)

Start at $ E-mail us for price


Per Song (up to 2 minutes) May Include Melody & Piano Part

Start at $40

Studio Time


$40 p/hour

My Cancion Original

Incluye una licencia mecanica para grabar, cantar y Puede reproducir hasta 3000 copias. La composicion incluye letra y musica. La pista es opcional


My Original Song

Includes a Mechanical License to record, to perform & press up to 3000 copies.  Include Song & Lyrics (Soundtrack is optional)

E-mail us for details

  Prices per soundtrack include:     Musician

   +     Recording studio

  & Sound engineer